If you have a large working exhibit featured on your stand with enormous associated costs to dismantle, transport and install it on site, then do it all in reverse. We suggest that exhibitors spend the revenue that it would cost on interactive technology that brings the exhibit to life. The most likely solution will be Augmented Reality though other solutions could apply depending on your product/exhibit. Not only will this be more exciting you will create a crowd around your stand wanting to find out how the AR is working. We have found that while visitors use this technology a stream of questions from visitors begin. The outcome is double edged as in most instances the solution provided can then be used in the field as a marketing tool.

Platform Issues


PLATFORMS, are these becoming more hassle than they are worth? Exhibitors include these in their brief for various reasons like hiding network and electrical cable, to take the stress out of the concrete hall floor and defining the exhibitor space from the gangway. These are becoming more and more of a health & safety issue, with CDM and organiser rules demanding the installation of a disabled ramp. Of course the ramps are a hazard in that they can easily cause trips and falls. How about not including a platform, connect cabling overhead, install underlay or as the Americans call it padding under the carpet. Underlay is available in different thicknesses up to 15mm. We recently witnessed a stand at a show with a very low platform after someone tripped on the platform the event organiser demanded hazard tape on the edge of it.

Platform Issues


STOP USING POP-UPS for shell scheme exhibitors. These are so ubiquitous you will never make an impression using one of these! There are other ideas for dressing your shell scheme including shell clad. Apart from the fact that this system allows the exhibitor to use all the space they have reserved it looks so much beer, of course you do need to ensure the graphic design delivers your message concisely and boldly so that visitors can easily identify their needs with your services.

Platform Issues


Graphic Design is usually a service your contractor can oer. Some companies prefer to use their incumbent graphic design supplier. What you will find is that those contractors who have in-house graphic production also have graphic design, which makes sense these services go hand in hand. Usually the hourly rate for graphic design from the exhibition contractor is substantially less that the incumbent supplier. What’s more they are faster in responding due to the nature of the deadline environment they operate in on a day to day basis. Frequently incumbent graphic design companies supply layouts/artwork that have to be amended by the graphic production department. Save me and money, use your contractors’ graphic designers when it comes to finalising the detail for your stand.


Do you know what gamification is? Well it’s a gimmick that can be used at events to get visitors to interact with your staff. The game will be played on a touch screen and will generally be designed around your products ending with a contact form that the visitor completes to win a prize of some kind thus capturing their data for use after the show.


Giveaways is always questionable most companies do hand these out with no record of who to. Everyone has seen visitors with bags full of freebies. I do wonder what the point of giving anything away actually is? If a visitor wants to engage with your organisation it will not be because you have a brightly coloured pen to walk away with. Stop the spending on generic giveaways. If you have a product or service another company is interested in, visitors will want to engage with your company aer the show provided you have fulfilled expectations and followed them up.


There are video production companies who appear at some events offering to video your exhibition stand during the opening hours of the show. They edit and supply the video through UTUBE and from what I have seen make a very good job of it. The costs can vary depending on supplier but obviously this is far less expensive than employing a production company to attend your event and produce a video of your stand.


Many companies have stopped distributing literature at events, it is too expensive especially if you figure in the transport costs. In many situations a record of who has taken a brochure is unrecorded. It is much better to capture the visitor data and then mail the information required. This is not new news! However have you thought about an interactive brochure where you can bring each page to life using an Ipad or smartphone. This type of brochure makes a real impact and of course can be used in the field after the event.


Intelligent glass is something we have recently installed for one of our clients, it is expensive, however it gives instant confidentiality to any meeting room at the touch of a button. There are many colour options and of course it could be installed in the offices of the exhibitor after the show.